Life at the Airport

Working at an airport is unique. It is hectic, challenging, and incredible exciting. Our employees travel every day while working - they meet guests from all over the world which makes the workdays both varied and inspiring.


An airport is open almost all day and our guests have different needs throughout the day. Business travelers usually travel early and are looking for a quick breakfast of good quality. Friends usually travel on the weekend and want to enjoy the airport services. Our employees enjoy being part of the changing environment throughout the day.   

Our guests receive the same good quality every time they visit us due to the standards and procedures of the different brands.

Our employees are hosts on behalf of our company and Avinor and help the guests with different inquiries – whether they need help to find a gate or locate the nearest restroom. Security is important at airports and our employees follow the safety procedures from Avinor and internal policies. 

Our employees spend most of their time creating excellent experiences for the guests and colleagues, and this interaction is one of the most exciting parts of working at an airport.